Easy Twist Braids Hairband

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Create a head of gorgeous twisty braids with zero effort!
Wear the hairband on, twist hair sections, and secure them with all the mini clips. This is all you need to freshen up your daily look!
An easy, no-fuss way to style your hair elegantly from day to night!


  • Twist & Clip
    Wear the hairband on, twist hair sections, and secure them with the 8 mini clips on the hairband.
  • Freshen Up Your Look
    An easy, no-fuss way to perk up your daily look!
  • Minimal Flyaways
    Easy way to keep hair from falling into your face.
  • Easy to Use
    Quick and simple trick to get beautiful twisty braids for beginners.


  • 1 X Easy Twist Braids Hairband