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Household Foot Bath Barrel


Color: Blue


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Giving yourself a foot bath can be a decent way to get yourself a great treat. It's also an awesome way to relax after a tiring day. This follows all the standing, walking, and exercise that your feet and legs undergo all day long. Now with the specially made Household Foot Bath Barrel, you can enjoy this experience in a special way. Discover the immense relaxation you can get from this product and get a thrilling experience to enrich your day. This bath will also benefit all members of your household, making your evenings a special occasion. 

Best Pampering for your Foot    

The bath consists of a cute looking container that you can fill with your bathwater. You can dip your feet into the water and feel the soothing sensation enrapture you. You can fill the water to reach heights of 20 cm to fully submerge your feet. You will feel totally relaxed as your feet get soaked in the warm water and you can also get an awesome massage. You will feel utterly rejuvenated and refreshed by the experience. This is a session you will always look forward to each evening as you relax from a tiring day. 


  • Features Massage Rollers 

You can give your feet the ultimate massage treatment with this bath. You can lay your feet on the special rollers which give gentle vibrations. Jets and bubbles are released which combat fatigue and cramps, creating soothing effects. This can work wonders in relaxing tension in your feet and improve your circulation. The relief you get on your feet can extend to the rest of your body giving a satisfying sense of well-being. 

  • Great Appealing Aesthetics 

This foot bath won't just give you the best foot treatment. You will also love its appearance and look. With its stylish design and various cool color options to choose from, it will give you an uplifting sense to enhance your foot bath experience. 

  • Collapsible and Foldable 

If you are short of space, you will love this foot bath barrel. Unlike ordinary basins, it will save you plenty of space. Once you finish with it, all you have to do is to press down on it and it will collapse into a flat shape. This can be easily tucked into your storage area including into quite narrow or small spaces. The basin is also tough and thick, giving high durability.

  • Portable and Easy to Transport 

With its non-bulky design, this bath is easily portable. This makes it ideal to use anywhere you need it in your house. You can also easily carry it with you if you want to travel.

  • Easily cleaned   

This bath comes with ease of cleaning. So it does not call for laborious cleaning. The top is detachable and you can easily access its interior parts to give a good cleaning. 

Technical Specifications: 

  • Application: foot
  • Color Classification: Pink and Blue
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Household Foot Bath Barrel 

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