Ice-block Breaking Game

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 Penguin Trap Game is simple but fun game which can increase the fun of parent-child’s interaction and emotion. You can enjoy playing together with the whole family, and feeling the warmth of the family.

  • the little percussion action to make your children move up, so exercise your children 's athletic skills, keep away from electronic products.
  • Combine the game plate way to develop children hands-on consciousness, training children's hand flexibility, promote the coordinated development of children's hand-eye.
  • So that penguins fall, in the process of percussion, to enhance the child's ability to respond to the child's brain development exercise.

Parent-child interaction game

How to play

  • Insert the support of the ice tray into the ice tray connector
  • The ice is embedded in the ice tray, you can freely placed because the ice shape is the same
  • Place the penguin in the center of the ice tray
  • Rotate the wheel and rotate the corresponding ice in accordance with the arrow
  • Penguin drops from the ice plate, the game is over
  • The last beater lost the game
  • According to the number of ice knocked(most) to determine who is the final winner

Stragegy Tips

The ice assembled to the ice-breaking platform, and then turn the wheel, wheel arrow pointing to the color is to knock down, when the penguin fall from the ice break means that the end of the game


  • Ice tray frame *1
  • Ice tray leg *4
  • Plastic hammer *2
  • Turntable *1
  • Cute plastic penguin *1
  • Blue ice blocks 
  • White ice blocks 

Product information

  • Product Dimensions:20*5.5*28cm
  • Item Weight:400g