Mini Ultrasonic Washing Machine Portable Turbo USB Powered Removes

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Weight: Type A (without gear adjustment) 250g

Type B (4-speed adjustment) 350g

Packing: Boxed

Packing size: 17*13*6cm

Feature: 1. Type A automatic cycle cleaning: automatic cycle cleaning. The turbine reverses within 2 minutes, the ultrasonic vibration within 1.5 minutes, and the bubble cleaning within 5 minutes.

2. Type B 4-speed adjustable type. B gear: turbo forward and backward. The gears are cleaned automatically in a cycle, the turbine goes forward and backward in 2 minutes, ultrasonic vibration is 1.5 minutes, and the bubble is cleaned in 5 minutes. C file: ultrasonic vibration cleaning. D file: foam cleaning.

3. Turbine interacts with ultrasonic to clean clothes efficiently and quickly. It will automatically shut down after 30 minutes of work. 3. Versatility: The mini washing machine has high vibration and is an ideal choice for children's clothing, underwear, socks, towels, etc. In addition to washing clothes, it is also very suitable for washing jewelry, glasses, fruits, etc.

4. Ideal choice for confined spaces, such as dormitories, apartments, apartments, car rooms, RVs, etc.


Color: White

Type: A, B (optional)

Mode of operation: mechanical

Floor material: ABS

Power supply: USB

Temperature control device: single gear switch

Rated voltage: 10V

Rated power: 6W

Diameter: 9cm

  • Package Included: 1 *Portable turbo ultrasonic cleaner