Spinning Cat Playing Toy

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Watch your kitties go wild over this Spinning Cat Playing Toy. The toy encourages cats to do more exercise and consume their energy so that they are not boring and have no time to destroy furniture. Our spinner toy is sure to keep them mentally and physically stimulated throughout the day.  

It will relieve anxiety and boredom even when you are not around to supervise. Older cats will enjoy lazing on their backs, paws in the air trying to catch the balls as it spins around. On the other hand, younger energetic kittens will get a kick out of trying to pounce on the little balls. 

The toy reduces the risk of furniture damage and acts as a place for your cat to scratch. You don’t need to worry about the toy being knocked down as it is made with a silicone base to prevent slipping. Use it on tile, wood, or laminate floor as opposed to carpet.


  • Two Special Balls

Rolling balls inspire cats to chase. Cats love the smell of mint and glittering objects. So one ball is equipped with catmint and the other with a shiny ball for sports, your cat hardly rips it apart.

  • Stereo Double Ring

The three-axis integrated rotation can make cats feel interesting and happy.

  • Stable Anti-Slip Design

The bottom of the beautiful orbital sphere is designed with a silicone pad to prevent cats from moving or turning toys around while playing. The silicone pad is not easy to slide or damage the floor.

  • Encourages Game Play of Cats

The mint, track, 3-in-1 bell, unique track design, and rolling ball give your cat endless fun. Your cat will become more curious and have fun while playing with the puzzle ball. They can play while doing sports.

  • Unique Track Design

Designed with a rotating transparent outer ring and double ring inner race. When the cat is in the game, the outer ring and inner ring will rotate 360 degrees. The support bar can also rotate 360 degrees giving your lovely pet endless fun.

  • Safety

Made from safe non-toxic, odorless, wear-resistant, and bite-resistant materials. You can now relax with a safe and secure toy for your pets. The toy is hollowed out,  the edges are polished, and the craftsmanship makes the surface smooth, so the cat’s claws are not easily injured.

  • Engage Cat’s Natural Instincts   

This toy will bring out your cat’s natural pouncing instincts. The scratching helps keep your friend’s claws clean, healthy, and strong. Take the pad out of the package and enjoy watching your cat have fun!

  • Durable

The stainless steel shaft is durable and gives the cat lasting happiness. It is scratch-resistant and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use with excellent chassis stability.

Technical Specifications

  • Color: Transparent and white
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED: 1x Spinning Cat Playing Toy