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Strong Powder Adhesive Glue



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Use two-part (adhesive and power) with unique reinforcing and filling capabilities. Cracks, holes, and gaps can be repaired to regain their original shape.

  • It can be quickly fixed with a high bond strength in just 7~15 seconds.
  • The operation is very convenient, anytime, anywhere without conditions.
  • Repairs almost anything from toys, PVC's, and tools, automotive and many more.
  • Time in 5~10 seconds or less, and waterproof, petroleum, chemical, and acid resistant when fully cured.


    • Weight: 45g.
    • Capacity: 2 x 10ml.
    • Color:  Black.

    Use Steps:

    1. Make sure the surface is clean, dry and neat.
    2. Then pour the powder.
    3. Smooth the surface with plastic.
    4. Then drop the strong liquid.
    5. Sand with sandpaper or grinding wheel.
    6. Spray paint.

      Package Include:

      • 1 x 10ml Black Powder.
      • 1 x 10ml Adhesive Glue.

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