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Tactical Vest

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  • This Tactical Vest is a vest in which you can put ballistic plates (armor plates) and thus obtain a so-called armored vest. This is how you combine your outfit, instead of putting on a bulletproof vest and a tactical one, combining them here.
  • There is a front and back pocket for the plates. Another major plus of this product is the modular system. The laser cut is much lighter than the standard MOLLE system. It allows you to attach whatever modular pockets you want and place them as you see fit. 
  • You can change the configuration at any time and as needed for the specific task. Something that is very useful is a handle attached to the back that can save your life. In an injury situation, they can quickly and easily pull you to a safe place
  • On the front is a velcro panel to which you can add a stripe. The size is adjusted to your requirements and suits everyone. Inside, there is a mesh lining that improves air ventilation and D-rings to attach equipment to the shoulders.
  • It is a compact tactical vest with versatile, adjustable size.

- MOLLE system for suspension of additional equipment

- 3 elastic filler compartments with front cover safety elastic bands

- Small pocket with velcro on the front

- Velcro area for stripes and insignia

- Universal size, Velcro adjustment

- Material: 100% polyester with polyvinyl chloride coating

- Shoulder strap material: 100% thermoplastic rubber

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