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The Paw Trimmer™ Electric Pet Feet Shaver


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Cats and dogs may slip on the floor when their feet hair becomes too long covering the meat pad. They also have the habit of licking their feet to hide dirt which can easily cause bacterial infection. When the foot hair is too long, it will produce breeding conditions for the bacteria and cause skin problems. 

Why do you shave your pet?
  • The need to treat skin diseases. Shaved hair is easy to take medicine.
  • The hair of the cat and the dog is too messy, and the owner shaves his hair for easy care.
  • Because the summer is too hot, shaving the cats and dogs can cool down
  • The hair that grows after shaving is thicker and more beautiful.

Our electric feet shave is the perfect solution for your pet. It does not hurt the pet’s skin or stick the pet’s hair. The movable blade produces less heat after a long time’s use; this prevents scalding your lovely pet. Its small fine-tooth blade allows you to get in between the paws of your pet’s feet which helps to prevent mud and ice buildup.


  • Easy to Use

Its lightweight and ergonomic design make it easy to carry. Our feet shave is portable and does not need a cable when using so your dog won’t get entangled. Its slim and lightweight design makes it comfortable in your hands while reducing wrist fatigue. Besides, the anti-slip design ensures a tight grip while trimming your pet's feet.

  • Small size

The head is narrow which makes it work perfectly for small areas. It is ideal for trimming the hair around paws, eyes, ears, face, butt, etc. This shaver is easy to hold and operate to allow for an efficient grooming process. It comes with an attached comb for easy shaving. It is ideal for beginners and pet beauticians.

  • Safety Design

Our new model shaver features a ceramic blade that won’t get hot while in use. The tool won’t rust thanks to its special material and is the safest to use. These feet shave will not hurt the skin of your pet. It guarantees a comfortable and safe haircutting experience for your pet.

  • Low Noise Design

Our product is designed in low vibration and ultra-quiet design. It includes an upgraded motor which creates less vibration. You can free it from work noise to help your pet feel at ease. It will no longer be afraid of a haircut anymore. Your pet will love it and won’t get nervous while having its haircut.

  • Convenient

Its cordless design makes it more convenient for the whole grooming process. You can charge this electrical shave either by power bank, computer, or power adapter. You don’t need to purchase another battery.

  • High Quality

This tool comes in a sharp and high-quality titanium blade combined with a ceramic movable blade to give you efficient cutting performance. The narrow end makes your pet shave more flexible and smooth.

  • PACKAGE INCLUDED: 1 x Electrical Cat Feet Shave

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