Wall Mounted Mop Organizer

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Say Goodbye to the Clutter and Recover the Decor of your House! 

The Wall Mounted Mop Organizer is your smart way to discover a better and more organized way to store and handle your cleaning tools and other house accessories. This holder helps you to hang your vital cleaning tools which can make a mess if left gathered around with no order. The holder will enhance the beautiful appearance of your house with its sleek design and stylish look.  Now you don't have to settle for a drab looking home space that has a disheveled look. Free up and enjoy more space with a tool that will help you reflect taste and style in your house. 

Declutter your Space, Reduce the Eyesore

This mop organizer is a must-have tool for any household for a better and smarter lifestyle. Using it is simple with no complex skills needed. Simply apply a self-adhesive tape to the wall and attach the holder to it. It will adhere firmly and will be ready to hang your items in seconds. It has a convenient design allowing you to slip or insert your broom or mop into its grippers for easy and quick access. It is also easy to release and remove your tools when you want to use them. 


  • Tidiness for your Bathroom and Home Spaces

This tool is a smart way to organize your home and introduce less chaos. You can get rid of the disturbing mess presented by your rakes, mop, broom when you have no place to store them conveniently. Make your home the fun and delighting space it needs to be with this super organizer. 

  •  Great Space Saver

This broom holder is a great way to free up space whether in the kitchen, bathroom, closet, or laundry room. You will enjoy the extra wiggle room you will get as your tools will be stored by taking advantage of your wall’s vertical space.  It also allows you to store your tools compactly on the wall so that you can hang them closely arranged together in a vertical tidy fashion. 

  •  Multifunctional and Wide Application 

This hangar can be used to hold and store various items thanks to its unique design. It can fit perfectly into your home spaces such as garage, office, garage, or kitchen to organize and tidy your spaces. You can use it to store your tools, rakes, broom, umbrella, and more.

  • Durable and Corrosion-Free

This holder is quite strong and sturdy with the ability to securely hold and store your items. Its steel made body gives you a guarantee of long-lasting service with resistance to wear. It can handle moisture well with its rust resistance. 

  • Keeps your Items  Dry and Disease-Free 

It helps keep your wet cleaning items such as your mop dry and free from bad odor and mold. Your wet mop is ideally positioned to dry quickly thus preventing the buildup of bacteria or a bad smell.

Technical Specifications:

  • Color Classification: Grey/Black/Blue
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x  Wall Mounted Mop Organizer